1 on 1 Floral Design class (elementary level)

During the 7 classes, you will learn the basic techniques of floral arrangments and floral design.  No matter if you are interest in floristry as a recreation activity, or looking into entering the floral design industry, this is the right course for you.  Courses are available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and the timetable may be customized to fit the student's needs.  Intensive classes can also be arranged so that the course can be completed within three days.  The price includes all materials, instruction manuals and a complimentary pair of floral scissors.


This course is also available with dried flowers for additional fees.  Please contact our shop for pricing of the dried flower version of the course.


1. Bouquet

2. Wreath

3. Snow ball bridal bouquet

4. Cascading Bouquet

5. Flower box

6. Flower arrangement

7. Flower crown & Wrist flower & boutonniere


Instructor-Polly Huang

8 years experince in floral design.

Jane Packer Flower School

Flower school New York










1. 花束

2. 花圈

3. 雪球花束

4. 瀑布型花束

5. 花盒

6. 盆花

7. 花冠、手腕花、胸花


指導老師 Polly Huang

來自台灣,花藝經驗8年,早年學習法國花藝、日本現代式花藝,後來在Jane Packer進修新娘捧花課程,紐約花藝學校進修。

1 on 1 Floral Design class (elementary level)

  • 1. 50% of total fees must be paid upon enrollment to secure the student's desire time slots.

    2. The remaining 50% of the total fees must be paid 7 days before the date of the first class.

    3. Class time slots are subject to our instructor's availability.

    4. Any changes to class time must be arranged 3 days in advance of the said class and re-arrangement is subject to our instructor's availability.  Classes will not be re-arranged for no-show or for notification of re-arrangement received within 3 days of the said class.